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Top 10 Car Shipping Tips You Need to Know

We know. Shipping cars can be complicated.

There are countless documents to keep track of, regulations to be aware of, and legal issues to take into consideration. When delays cause your dream car to arrive late… nobody’s happy.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 car shipping tips that you NEED to know.

So, let’s get started…

  1. Sending the title with a trackable service
    A vehicle’s title is the #1 most important document in car shipping. Make sure your vehicle’s title gets mailed to us with a tracking number! If a title gets lost in the mail, you’ll face huge delays and unfortunate fees to get a title re-issued. It’s best to avoid those issues by using a tracking number for the shipment.
  2. Secure items inside the vehicle
    We aren’t liable for any loose items transported inside of vehicles. Make sure any and all loose items are securely fastened before shipment. There’s nothing worse than a heavy object breaking a window from the inside during transit!
  3. Car won’t start when you pick it up?
    First, don’t freak out. Second, be aware that most vehicles are required to have their batteries disconnected prior to shipment as a security measure. Check whether the battery is connected first. If the car still won’t start, check the voltage on the battery. Oftentimes, disconnected batteries will lose charge over the course of their transportation.
  4. Check the import regulations
    Every country has their own import regulations for specific types of vehicles. Be sure to check the regulations of the country of import to make sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s before shipment.
  5. Delegate someone to pick up your vehicle for you
    Uh-oh… Found out you have a business trip when your car arrives? Don’t worry. You can always delegate a friend or family member to pick up the car for you. Talk to your CFR representative about this, as the delegate’s information has to be listed on export documents in order for the car to be released to them.
  6. Patch up those leaks
    Leaking vehicles are considered a hazard and cannot be shipped—no matter what. So, make sure to patch up that leak, drain the radiator, or purge your brake lines before shipping if there’s a leak issue.
  7. Arrange trucking to the export terminal
    Unable to get the car delivered to the export terminal? Just let your CFR representative know, and they’ll be happy to arrange trucking for you. We can pick up your vehicle from its origin, deliver it to our terminal, and get it shipped out to your home country for you as a complete service.
  8. Don’t go without insurance!
    Cars aren’t protected by any kind of conventional car insurance when on the water. To insure your vehicle, your best choice is to book marine insurance through us. Let your CFR representative know that you’d like to insure your shipment, and they’ll set that up for you right away.
  9. Reserve a private container
    Many vehicles are put into shared containers with other cargo. However, we also offer private containers if you want to transport a vehicle all by itself. Ask your CFR representative for more information about booking a private container.
  10. Certain vehicles don’t have titles
    Certain vehicles were manufactured in US States at a time when titles didn’t exist yet. These cars only can be shipped without a title, but there are other requirements in place instead of the title. The vehicle can be shipped using the registration in place of a title, but note that the bill of sale accompanying the shipment must be notarized. Ask your CFR representative if you’re not sure if your vehicle qualifies to be shipped without a title.

While shipping cars can be a tricky process, taking preemptive steps to make the process as smooth as possible goes a long way. We hope these 10 car shipping tips will help you make quality decisions the next time you’re shipping a car.

And as always, get in touch with us if you have any questions. We’re always happy to help.

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