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Cross-Docking: The Basics (Definition, Types, Advantages)

Cross-docking involves a distribution docking terminal for the rapid movement of goods from inbound transportation directly onto outbound transit without storage or handling in warehouses or distribution centers. Using a distribution cross-docking services terminal can save time and money while enhancing customer satisfaction. This article will explore the basics of cross-docking, including what it is,…

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What is Transloading? A Guide From Logistics Experts

Transloading is a vital solution provided by transportation experts to help businesses optimize their logistics and make freight transportation faster, more efficient, and more economical. This dynamic approach has become increasingly important and has grown in popularity during the current economic climate, as the cost of living crisis continues to put pressure on individuals and…

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Marine Sector regulations and how they affect your shipping costs

Important Industry News! We appreciate your continued business and want to ensure you are kept up to date with upcoming changes that will go into effect January 1, 2020. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires that all ocean vessels reduce their sulfur emissions by over 80%, in order to improve air quality and reduce ocean…

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CFR Classic talks Containerization with Automotive Logistics

Automotive Logistics, the leading resource for global automotive logistics news, recently released an in-depth article on Containerization.  While Ro-Ro is the traditional method of shipping finished vehicles, containerization is becoming increasingly viable as the automotive industry decentralizes and introduces more EVs. As a leading international logistics provider, CFR Classic’ expertise lies in shipping cars in…

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CFR Classic talks with 6 River Systems about logistics and big data

Co-Owner of CFR Classic, Christoph Seitz, was recently part of a panel of logistics experts talking about the most important logistics technology trends impacting the industry today. As a global leader in the containerized shipping of motor vehicles and commercial cargo, CFR Classic is heavily involved in logistics on a daily basis. 6 River Systems…

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