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How to Properly Ship Supercars

FROM THE JOURNAL ‘PORT TECHNOLOGY’: Car shipping specialist CFR Classic has warned that unless automotive handlers move away from temporary wooden racking solutions they could be left behind as steel engineered ‘R-Raks’ become the optimal model for handling automobiles in containers.

Since the US based CFR first switched from wooden racking to fully certified, steel engineered and sustainable R-Raks to move cars in containers, it has found business has improved.

Christoph Seitz, a Managing Member at CFR Classic, believes R-Raks are much safer and more efficient.

Paul Donaldson, Managing Director of Trans-Rak International, the creator of R-Raks said:  “Moving away from wooden racks clearly served as a powerful boost to CFR Classic’ business, enabling them to optimise loads, protect valuable classic cars as well as luxury marques and deliver them in perfect condition to discerning customers within the US and on a global basis.

“By comparison with R-Raks, wooden racks are expensive in the long run and have a much greater negative impact on the environment.

“They can only be used once and must then be dismantled and disposed of. In contrast, steel racking can be reused multiple times over a number of years and has less impact on the environment, even taking into consideration manufacturing processes.”

Find the original article in the Port Technology Journal here:

Joey has spent his entire teen and adult life in cars. Joey's father owned a Jeep store, and Joey had his own used car lot that he ran himself from age 22 until I was 30. At 30 years old, Joey got "out of" the car business and joined CFR Rinkens. Joey started when there were only 9 people at CFR, but the company grew to over 150 employees during his time there. When Joey started, CFR Rinkens was shipping about 40 vehicles per week from Los Angeles. Joey established locations in Houston, Miami, and New York and within the first year, CFR went to shipping 150 cars per week. Joey started as a customer service rep and later moved up to sales manager, operations manager, and marketing manager. Joey then moved to Europe for two years and spent the entire time traveling through Europe meeting with clients. In 2022, Joey and his partners purchased CFR Classic from CFR Rinkens and he returned to California to watch over the operation more closely.

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